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We take satisfaction seriously. If you are not happy, we feel you and we will do our best to turn your frown upside down. After all, you are a part of our family.
We offer a lifetime warranty for defects due to materials or craftsmanship. This does not include damage as a result of normal wear and tear such as scratched lenses, or sitting on your sunglasses. Regardless of bamboo's durability, they are still sunglasses and must be handled with care. We also do not cover lost or stolen sunglasses. However, we do offer discounts regarding these matters.
We know how unfortunate it is when something happens to your beloved new sunglasses. Whether there is damage caused by mishandling or you simply lost them (or they were stolen), we would like to extend to you our replacement discounts.
Damage: 30% OFF.
Lost/Stolen: 15% OFF.
To see if you are eligible for a fresh pair of sunnies, please send your information, purchase date and location (or order #, if online), and a photo of the damage along with a brief description to happy@bambuddha.ca. From here, we will determine whether or not it is deemed defective under our warranty conditions.
If not, we hope we can still brighten your day with our proposed replacement discounts. In order to qualify for the damage discount, we require all of the information stated above. As for the lost/stolen discount, we need your information and proof of purchase. 
Let's be happy together! 
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23 reviews
Light weight

They are very light weight and hold securely to your head. Great all round sunglasses 😎 thank you and support to the wildlife a huge bonus too!

Love these sunglasses!

I was looking for just the right pair of sunglasses, and this was the pair! I love that they're made with bamboo and the lenses are polarized, plus the lenses are made from polycarbonate which makes the glasses more lightweight. Plus they're stylish to boot! Highly recommended!

Supporting a great cause

I bought a pair of Moonshyne, in support of a lake clean up Bambuddha staff was involved in in South America. I thought it was really great where they were and the community outreach programs there they were organizing. So I wanted to support them!

I received my Moonshynes and I got the impressions when I handled them that they were high quality. The hinges were sturdy and rigid, for example. A friend commented that they remind them of Ray-Bans, haha. But either way, I appreciate the people at Bambuddah and know first-hand that they are great people.

The Sir
The Sir

Ive had a pair before so i know the quality is excellent. Its been a month since my purchase and still have not received them. There is no current tracking info. Thats my only issue

The Owl Look Sunglasses

Elizabeth de haan

The Owl Sunglasses by Bambuddha

Love these sunglasses, feels light, looks great and trendy. Good protection from harmful sun rays. I would highly recommend these sunglasses. I purchased the Owl look, clever design and good coverage for your eyes. I will be buying more styles in the future from this company, Bambuddha. The nice thing is, the material they use is, bamboo and it is the way to go environmentally as well. They also give back to help wildlife, so being an animal lover, big bonus. I would not hesitate for anyone to own a pair of these quality sunglasses. Elizabeth